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Elizabeth Adams
I grew up in New York City and have spent my life fighting for my community. I’m running to represent District 33 in the NYC Council.

As we look ahead to the planning of our city for the next several years, we need to enact robust streetscape programs and invest in alternative modes of transportation to move away from our current car-centric culture. Plans like Transportation Alternatives’ 25x25 plan provide a glimpse into the possibilities for our streets and public spaces when we reclaim our space from cars and consider climate, pedestrians, and accessibility — and the next Council also needs to match public design with accountability. That includes, but is not limited to, addressing placard corruption.

By Elizabeth Adams, Candidate for NY City Council — CD33

Yesterday, the Council Committee on Public Safety held a hearing to hear public testimony on various police reform bills, including Int 2220–2021, Int 2209–2021, and Res 1538–2021. The package of bills on the table for public comment were targeted at the question of accountability. How can we expect the institution responsible for causing generations of harm with impunity to reform itself?

It is jarring to hear the NYPD and their allies on the council and in the Mayor’s office continue to disparage the need for disciplinary changes. The safety and…

New York City is at a critical juncture when it comes to how we respond to the climate crisis. The decisions we make now will affect all of us, determining the future of the city we love and the health and wellbeing of New Yorkers for generations.

It is an urgent and ever-mounting question. …

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